For Men:
Our world places many demands upon you as a man. You want to meet those demands and feel your best while doing it. From the boardroom to the bedroom, from the playing field to your work field, you want to look good and feel young, healthy, and strong. Sometimes, you don’t feel your best. You feel old and tired. You “miss your old self.” Vitality is your desire, and restoring it is our goal. We want to improve your life by uncovering the causes of your lost vitality and putting our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

For Women:  
You have work to do and friends and family to enjoy.  You want to feel young, beautiful, and energetic. You need strength, stamina, and a positive outlook to do it all.  Those mountains aren’t going to move themselves!

Are you experiencing:

  • Hot flashes?
  • Night sweats?
  • Mood swings?
  • Sleep difficulty?

Are you feeling unlike your younger, more dynamic self?  Do you lament your loss of energy? You want to regain and keep your lost vitality.  We are capable of and dedicated to helping you do just that.

Our approach is not “one-size-fits-all”.  We offer customized wellness and hormone therapy/treatments.  We will listen to your symptoms, and optimize your treatment plan to fit your individual needs.  We want to help you feel your best and be your best self.

Contact us for an appointment, and let’s start on the path to renewed vitality!