Dr. Gorospe truly cares

I am pleased to write this testimony in regards to Dr. Gorospe and his staff at the Wellness Center. My wife and I have been patients at the clinic a little over two years and have been very satisfied with the care we have received from Dr. Gorospe and his entire staff. My wife and I are over 50 years of age and prior to researching, learning about, and beginning hormone replacement therapies, our lives were that of the average aging adult. It has been my experience in the past that most doctors, when asked about hormone levels, tend to explain it in a way that your hormone levels are fine. After questioning these doctors about their responses, I came to realize what I was actually being told. My hormone levels were fine for a male over 50 and my body was producing hormone at an acceptable rate (within given parameters) for my age. Basically, you feel like you're getting older, and this is basically how you should feel at this age. I personally would advocate to anyone that has questions or concerns about their hormone levels and the very critical important role they play in the health and wellbeing of your body. Visit Dr. Gorospe, a hormone specialist! Dr. Gorospe is the type of doctor that will be happy to sit down with his patients and go thoroughly explain every positive or negative element and chemical in your lab work to recommend other wellness opportunities that will help increase your enjoyment of life and pleasure. I had suffered with erectile dysfunction from other health related issues, and Dr. Gorospe had recommended the "P-shot" Priapus Shot. I agreed to take the shot and the results were astounding. Fuller erections, much more sensitive and longer lasting erections. Dr. Gorospe truly is a doctor that cares about your health and the quality of life you can have. Don't just live life, live life to the fullest! I'm sure Dr. Gorospe would like the opportunity to tell you more about your health and wellness opportunities. Tim Crow