I now have better control of my life.

Dr. Gorospe - I just wanted to say "thank you" for changing my life in so many ways. At 70 years of age I feel like I'm 40 again...Wow! Since seeing you I now have better control of my life. You have helped me with my weight, aging, and skin in such a way that people think I'm in my early to mid-50s. My mood swings have simply disappeared. I sleep all night long and have amazing energy the next day! I am feeling totally fulfilled and have never before truly enjoyed sex. The changes you have accomplished in me have also put a big smile on my husband's face as well. He feels like he is married to a younger woman. Dr. Gorospe, a very sincere thank you to you and your wonderful staff, especially Margo, who has been a great and supportive help in my new journey. Blessings, Nora