Every day was a struggle.

Before I came to Dr. Gorospe I was worn out all the time. I had gained weight. I wasn't interested in sex at all. Every day was a struggle. I just felt bad all the time. And I had cold hands and feet all the time. And thinning hair. Since coming to Dr. Gorospe, I now have plenty of energy. My husband and I have sex like we're newlyweds (He sees Dr. Gorospe, too). We've been married 21 years! I've lost weight. I now feel like exercising. I've gained muscle and I'm stronger than I was in my 30s. I'm 54! Now I'm not suffering from cold hands and feet, and my hair is getting thicker! Dr. Gorospe and his staff are top-notch. Friendly, and most of all, he listens and really cares about his patients. I highly recommend Dr. G and his staff. - Sandra Michelle Romine