Medically Supported Weight Loss

What Is Medically Supported Weight Loss?
We get it! Weight loss is hard. You are constantly being bombarded with food. Television and social media are filled with pictures of delicious-looking distractions. Without a plan, it’s much easier to fall for these temptations - and once you’re off track, it’s difficult to fix the problem. Medically supported weight loss is a science-driven, personal protocol designed for you by a doctor to help you win the battle and lose your unwanted weight.

Is It Effective?
Studies shown that your chances of achieving the lasting weight loss you’re looking for increase dramatically when you have support. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Gorospe has helped hundreds of patients achieve their goals by working with them to design a safe, sensible plan that helps them not only lose the weight, but gives them the tools necessary to keep the weight off.

How Do We Begin?
Weight loss is a process. You didn’t gain these unwanted pounds overnight and we have to be realistic about making them disappear. Your first step is an evaluation with Dr. Gorospe so he can learn about you and what you want to accomplish. He will help you understand what you’re up against and then create a science-based plan, including hormone analysis, to help you tackle the obstacles you’ll face as you transform into the fit, healthy person you want to be!

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