ED Consultation Toronto

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ED Consultation Toronto

The truth about erectile dysfunction is that it is more prevalent than society portrays. Most men, even those with an overall healthy and functioning system, will experience it just for a short period of time. An odd case usually involves a recurrent dysfunctional state. Recurring incidents can at times indicate several underlying health issues causing the symptoms. Here are a few key reasons to consider an ED consultation in Toronto.

Benefits of an ED consultation

Improved sex life

Healthy sex life can contribute to a boosted mental and emotional state

Solve underlying problems

Many physical problems are signs of severe health conditions. These include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep apnea
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Drug side effects
  • Heart and vascular illness

Mental improvements

ED often has perturbing consequences on the emotional state. Discussing ways of approaching the problem with a health professional helps to alleviate negative thoughts and to boost self-esteem as you work towards a tangible resolution.

Prevent diseases

ED can accurately predict reiterating conditions like cardiovascular illnesses. Addressing the daily occurrence of ED helps the physician monitor heart diseases and ensures the adoption of proper preventive measures.

Help break ED stigmatization

Young men with ED often have a crippling fear of admitting their condition to anyone besides their sexual partner. Consulting a qualified doctor can equip you with knowledge and information to help other people in similar conditions and provide insightful advice.

How to talk to a doctor during ED consultation in Toronto

The best way to approach your consultation is to make the discussion as open as you would if you were talking about a mild headache. Remember that the doctor has treated many similar cases and has a medical degree preparing him or her to treat this condition. However, it is judicious to consider the following items and to prepare questions for the doctor:

  • Do I need any tests?
  • Which medications will help?
  • Will I get any side effects?
  • Should I implement some lifestyle changes?
  • How can I get more details on the condition?
  • Do I need to consult with my partner?

What to expect from the consultation

ON MEN physicians will start by collecting a history of your medical reports and background using a questionnaire. The information will highlight any biological triggers that could be causing ED. They may also ask about your body’s reaction during a sexual interaction and the drugs you take. We then use the information to prescribe you with the right medicine which we then send to your doorstep at no extra charge.

The prescribed medication will vary according to the severity of your condition. Erectile dysfunction caused by lifestyle and mental conditions don’t necessarily need drug treatments, but they will benefit from the stabilization provided by the drugs. We also provide medications to treat the real underlying cause of ED, and will recommend ways you can control your other conditions such as diabetes, stress, or high blood pressure.

You can support the doctor’s diagnosis by keeping track of your symptoms ahead of the appointment. Write down the exact details of your experience in the questionnaire we provide you with to form a complete picture of the issue. ON MEN has a diverse body of medical professionals with backgrounds in the LGBTQ community, nursing, and mainstream medicine. Check out our page for easy-to-follow instructions and pricing.  

ED Consultation Toronto